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Whaley Communications was founded in June of 1998 and is a market leader in remarketing New and Refurbished VoIP, Telecommunications and Networking equipment. Our mission is to provide 100% tested and guaranteed equipment, both new and used, at a substantial discount when compared to list prices. Our commitment to total customer satisfaction is first and foremost, second only to quality and price.

Our Remarketing Solution

The WCI team are experts in remarketing technology equipment while maintaining the high quality of these products. WCI can identify opportunities that help customers save money on technology equipment. We provide excellent value for our customers by maximizing their return on these investments. Unlike our competitors, WCI is extremely knowledgeable of the business process and how to execute within it. We have developed a highly effective remarketing inventory process that saves our customers time and money. More on Asset Management


Prior to founding Whaley Communications, Mr. Whaley served two years with Source, Inc. as a Senior Account Manager for National Accounts. While there, he increased profits of the national accounts program by 45% implementing new services to this area. Mr. Whaley was previously a National Accounts Manager for Hadobas Associates, where he was a key member of the management team that increased company revenue by seven-fold. Mr. Whaley received his Bachelor of Business Administration degree from the University of Texas at Arlington. Mr. Whaley takes a hands-on approach with his customers, helping them get the most value from their investments and a complete solution that strengthens the buiness.


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